SSA Terminals (Oakland) Invests in Oakland’s Future

By July 30, 2012January 8th, 2015Press Releases

SSA Terminals (Oakland) is expanding its Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) operations to meet the growing needs of the maritime industry. With the expansion, OICT is the largest container terminal in Northern California, providing a 271-acre facility and servicing 20 international carriers. The enlarged OICT will consist of 5 contiguous berths, stretching no less than 6,000 feet, all with a water depth of 50-feet and with 10 Post-Panamax cranes ready to handle the largest vessels. Of all the Oakland marine terminals, OICT will by far contribute the greatest lease revenues to the Port of Oakland, totaling nearly $60 million per year.

Also the operation at the 50-acre Howard Terminal will be relocated to the 80-acre site at Berths 60-63 later this year.

The dynamics of international transportation are constantly changing. Carriers cooperate more and deploy ever larger vessels to service the trade and communities. Modern ships are now well above 10,000 containers in capacity and longer than the Empire State Building is tall.

SSA Terminals (Oakland) Vice President, Jon Rosselle, stated: “Marine terminals must continue to evolve to meet the increasing requirements of the maritime trade. These terminal expansions are a prerequisite to remain viable to our customers and for them to continue to retain Oakland as a port of call. It also further enhances the logistics chain for exporters and importers in the local region – and well beyond. This is important to safeguard jobs and employment in the port and for all who depend on a healthy port and maritime trade for their livelihood. Restoring a sustained business model for the Port of Oakland is an important factor.”

The ownership of SSA Terminals (Oakland) has a proud history in the Port of Oakland dating back 45 years to 1968. “These expansions are a strong commitment to the Bay Area and to SSA Terminal (Oakland)’s customers. To achieve this, SSA Terminals (Oakland) has agreed to guarantee $220 million of additional revenues for the Port of Oakland,” Rosselle stated.

“We are also investing in modern technology and information systems and with pending enhancements to our cranes, we are preparing our Oakland terminals for the future.”

Vessel productivity, a key measure of performance, consistently averages about 35 container lifts per crane hour at OICT, well above the average for most West Coast terminals. This high productivity is increasingly important with vessels becoming bigger in size.

SSA Terminals (Oakland) credits its exceptional terminal performance to a strong management team and their positive relationships with the rank and file of their unions. The terminal runs on the strong work ethic of both the management and union employees and their deep sense of pride in what they as a team have accomplished and continue to achieve.

SSA Terminals (Oakland) investment in its Oakland terminals enhances the future for the port and the maritime community. The Port of Oakland is the fifth largest container port in the United States and supports nearly 73,000 jobs in the region.

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