Ancillary Services

Expanding Opportunities

SSA Marine is about more than just moving cargo. We collaborate with you to develop creative solutions for storage, specialty equipment or other services to meet your business needs today – and for the future.

An opportunity to further enhance customer relationships and efficiency by providing an array of services at each of our locations.

Warehousing and Cold Storage

In many of our operations, we offer Container Freight Stations (CFS) to efficiently load and unload cargo from containers. We’ve developed state-of-the-art warehouse facilities for loose and general cargo as well as cold storage for perishables. And 24/7 security at our operations ensures the safety of our your cargo.

Container Equipment Maintenance

We provide Container Equipment Maintenance (CEM) including inspection, monitoring, maintenance, high-pressure and steam cleaning, and repair of dry containers and chassis, as well as the plugging/unplugging, monitoring, repairing and pre-tripping of refrigerated containers.

Cruise Liner and related services

To deliver maximum value to our tourism customers, we manage cruise ship agency services, helicopter transportation services, and other tourist activities. In addition, our Mexico cruise business includes restaurants, shopping areas, duty free shops, snack bars, and other amenities.