Wando Welch Terminal

Charleston, South Carolina
The Port of Charleston has numerous terminals that steamship lines may call, with transit times from the sea buoy to these terminals ranging from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. SSA Atlantic is a full-service stevedore handling containers, breakbulk (paper products, lumber, steel), reefer cargo, heavy lifts, RoRo, bulk commodities and passenger vessels. Our carrier-sponsored Container Freight Station division is actively stuffing and stripping containers on terminal for shippers.

Specifications and services

Location: 2 hours transit to sea buoy (32°50’3.01″ N, 79°53’8.30″ W)

Size: 399 acres / 161.5 hectares developed; 245.8 acres / 99.5 hectares container yard

Water Depth: 45 feet / 13.7 meters

Berths & Length: 4 berths, measuring 3,800 feet / 1,158 meters

Cranes: 11: 3 post-Panamax, 8 super post-Panamax

Truck Lanes & Scales: 23 lanes (17 inbound, 6 outbound), 11 scales

Reefer Services: 1,205 plugs

Rail Services: PUC, Port Terminal Railroad, East Coast Berkeley Railroad

Highway Access: 0.7 mile to I-526

Cargos / Commodities Handled:

  • Containers
  • Military
  • Heavy Lifts

Other facility facts

Fumigation Facilities: Yes

Transit Shed: 200,000 square feet / 18,581 square meters, sprinkler protected

General Notes About Rail Service: The South Carolina Railway Commission provides rail service in the state with CSX and Norfolk Southern as the two major rail carriers. Each terminal in Charleston is operated by an independent rail service which feeds these terminals. These independents transfer railcars from the individual terminals to the two major carriers’ offsite locations.

Independents: PUC for Columbus Street and Union Pier; Port Terminal Railroad for North Charleston; East Coast Berkeley Railroad for Wando area