Saldahna Branch

Saldanha, South Africa
In 2004, South Africa Cargo Services (previously Greystones Cargo Systems) started to load the first iron ore shipment for clients: Kumba, Assmang, Sedibeng and Emerging Miners.  SA Cargo is the only stevedoring company in South Africa to load iron ore.

Specifications and services

Location: Westcoast of Saldanha about 130 km from Cape Town.

Size: Bulk terminal 630m and MPT 350m

Water Depth: 21.25 meters at bulk. 13.5 at MPT

Berths & Length: 2 berths. 1 bulk berth for iron ore for Cape Size vessels of 320 meter long. MPT (Multipurpose Terminal) for Panamax vessels of about 150 meters long and loading of iron ore, pellets and manganese.

Cranes: Transnet shiploaders and skips

Rail Services: Transnet rails from mine about 850 km /trains/trucks offload iron ore on stockpiles.

Cargos / Commodities Handled:

  • Iron Ore
  • Heavy Equipment Handling