Richards Bay Branch

Richards Bay, South Africa
South Africa’s most northernmost port is 160 km northeast of Durban. Richards Bay operations include stevedoring of import and export of minerals and chemicals. Stevedore services include skip-loading, terminal belt loading, as well as bulk discharge. Warehousing services, storage and bagging.

Specifications and services

Water Depth: 16 – 34 meters

Berths & Length: 15 berths with length of +- 600 meter. Most vessels are same size here due to dry bulk cargos being handled.

Cranes: 3 export belt cranes for port, 3 import Leaber cranes for that division of the port. General bulk cargo cranes that are mobile to travel in port as needed.

Cargos / Commodities Handled: Coal, ferro chrome, pig iron, ferro’s manganese, sulphur, chloride slag, rutile, zircon, alumina