Manzanillo International Terminal

Colón, Republic of Panama
In 1995, SSA Marine began operating the first major port development project in Panama, with MIT located on the Atlantic side of the canal. MIT currently focuses on container and RoRo cargos, with facilities providing convenient access to and from the canal locks, direct access to the Colón Free Zone, which provides an advantage to local cargo, and ancillary services to maximize customer benefit of calling MIT.

Specifications and services

Location: Manzanillo Bay in Colón, Panama, on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal (9°21’44.43″ N, 79°53’1.40″ W)

Size: 129 acres / 52 hectares

Water Depth: 54 feet / 16.4 meters

Berths & Length: 6 berths, measuring 6,692 feet / 2,040 meters for container vessels, and 2 berths measuring 1,640 feet / 500 meters for RoRo vessels

Cranes: 19: 11 post-Panamax, 8 super post-Panamax

Truck Lanes & Scales: 10 lanes (5 inbound, 5 outbound), 5 scales

Reefer Services: 1,600 plugs

Rail Services: Transisthmus rail connectivity with Panama Canal Railway Company at off-dock rail facility adjacent to MIT

Highway Access: 2 miles to the Transisthmian Highway

Cargos / Commodities Handled:

  • Containers
  • Heavy equipment
  • Autos
  • Breakbulk
  • Project Cargo
  • RoRo, including inventory management and washing services

Other facility facts

CFS: CFS facility adjacent to MIT

Fumigation Facilities: Yes

Heavy Lift Service: Up to 200 long tons

Foreign Trade Zone: Direct gate access to the Colón Free Zone