East London Branch

East London, South Africa
In the early 2000, South Africa Cargo Services (previously Greystones Cargo Systems) opened its branch in East London, At that time the port of East London did not have any facilities for the importation of grain products, namely wheat and maize. SA Cargo set up a hopper and conveyor belt facility from the quay stretching into the grain elevator silos totaling approximately 450 meters. The system continues to service local bread manufacturers with import wheat from Argentina and neighboring states. Wheat was also railed to Lesotho from East London.

Specifications and services

Location: The port of East London is situated on the East Coast of South Africa between Durban and Port Elizabeth, at the mouth of the Buffalo River, East London.  It is South Africa’s only river port.

Size: Total berth size 2707 meters

Water Depth: 10.4m

Berths & Length: Total of 12 commercial berths and 1 repair quay, 6 of these berths are on the West Bank with a total quay length of 1206m and 6 on the East Bank offering 1204m

Cranes: 1 x 150 ton mobile port crane

Truck Lanes & Scales: 2 lanes inbound and 2 lanes outbound on the East Bank and 1 lane each on the West Bank Side of the port.

Reefer Services: 50

Rail Services: Rail connection to most of the major cities in South Africa

Highway Access: 5 km to the N2 highway

Cargos / Commodities Handled: – Containers – Motor Vehicles – Breakbulk – Bulk Grain Cargos – Project Cargo/Heavy Lifts – Scrap Steel

Other facility facts

Grain Silo’s – Storage capacity 76000 m/tons, multi level car terminal – under cover storage of 2800 units – open area – 2500 units. Container Terminal – 14000m/sq. open area 2 port sheds on the East Bank, combined storage space of approx. 4170m/square

Cold Room Service: yes – out of the port

Fumigation Facilities: yes

Heavy Lift Service: yes

Transit Shed: yes

Maintenance: yes – drydock – 110m

Other Equipment: Forklifts – 4/5/12/25/42 tons and port tractors of 30 ton lifting capacity

Barge Access: yes

Transportation: road or rail

Rail Service: linked to all the major cities