Durban Car Team

Durban, South Africa
SA Cargo is operating 90% of the major port for RoRo stevedoring in South Africa which is located by the Indian Ocean.

Specifications and services

Location: Durban Harbour, Point Car Terminal, Durban on the Indian Ocean

Water Depth: 37.44 feet/10.6 meters

Berths & Length: 3 berths, measuring 3335 feet/ 1017 meters for RoRo vessels, Q/R berth 1200 feet/366 meters, G berth 1135 feet/346 meters, L/M berth 1000 feet 305 meters

Highway Access: 9 km to the N3 highway

Cargos / Commodities Handled:

  • Autos
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Project Cargo