Durban Branch

Durban, South Africa
South Africa Cargo Services (previously Greystones Cargo Systems) handles various bulk commodities, which is undertaken at Maydon Wharf 8 and the Multipurpose Terminal and includes minerals, grains, woodchips, fertilizers, chemicals and bulk manganese ore.  We also provide stevedoring services to Transnet Port Terminals at both Durban Container and New Pier Container terminals.  SA Cargo manufactures, operates and maintains all its handling equipment.

Specifications and services

Berths & Length: Durban has 8 container berths total of 2750 m long and depth is 15m each. Durban bulk as 1 dedicated berth to work bulk vessels which is 10m deep and a length of 210m.  Also operating in Durban point with 2 container berths that are also used for general cargo, both are 13.5m deep and 480 m long.

Cranes: 24

Truck Lanes & Scales: 1 scale in place, truck staging area holds 80 trucks

Reefer Services: 2,500 plug points

Cargos / Commodities Handled:

  • Dry Bulk
  • Containers
  • Project Cargo