Blount Island Terminal

Jacksonville, Florida
SSA Atlantic provides stevedoring, terminal and logistical service for Fibria Celulose, Inc. of Brazil. This includes operating a 240,000 square foot ship-side warehouse with both rail and truck loading. SSA Atlantic provides terminal and barge loading service for Trailer Bridge’s RoRo and LoLo services to Puerto Rico. Autos, steel and other breakbulk commodities are also handled. The Port of Jacksonville is a landlord lease port located on the St. Johns River. Approximately 80% of the port is leased to private companies.

Specifications and services

Location: 9 miles from sea buoy (30°23’22.35″ N, 81°32’51.38″ W)

Size: 754 acres / 305.1 hectares

Water Depth: 40 feet / 12.2 meters

Berths & Length: 8 berths, measuring 6,600 feet / 2,012 meters

Cranes: 10 – 8 container cranes, 1 40-ton straddle, 1 100-ton Whirley

Rail Services: CSX

Highway Access: I-95 north and south and I-10 from the west

Cargos / Commodities Handled:

  • Breakbulk
  • Autos
  • Lumber

Other facility facts

Warehouse & Storage: Warehouse measuring 240,000 square feet / 26,942 square meters

Transit Shed: 240,000 square feet / 22,297 square meters